Virtual and Hybrid Events

The landscape of your audience has changed. You can now extend your reach almost anywhere in the world through a series of events, or one large conference. Think of it as an invitation to join you, only this time from anywhere on your laptop or mobile device. Vogue is at the helm with a full suite of services from experience and strategy design to live production and management to live broadcasting. We’ve produced some of the worlds largest events and amplified their impact by live streaming them to audiences viewing remotely.


A New and Interactive Experience

We create virtual and hybrid events that soundlessly engage audiences. Vogue’s services are more than just a live-stream. We help build the foundation for success, from strategy and experience design to live production, management, and live broadcasting. Together we plan, partner, and brand your event for maximum impact.

Host your Virtual Events & Live Streaming from anywhere. Give your audience a new and interactive experience by embarking on a live stream or viewing a Virtual Event.

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